(Non) Voters of New York

Primary Day in New Hampshire has generated nonstop media coverage, turning the presidential race into a guessing game.  Who will win and why? Are their stands on the issues important or does their posturing make the difference? For the first time, millennials will count for a third of potential voters.  What are their views?  While…

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Let the Pictures Speak for Them-Selfies

by KATHRYN JONES   Millennials want unforgettable experiences. So a quick post to social media keeps these memories safe and warm for the future.


Tales from the Commute: NYU Commuters Share their Stories

By VICTORIA FINNEGAN  It’s 7 a.m.; the sun is up, but just barely. It’s not quite raining, but there’s mist in the air. A man is quietly mumbling to his other personality. A woman shifts back and forth in her heels. A man in a suit checks his watch for the third time. He leans…

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After Art School

By VICTORIA FINNEGAN It was late May in Baltimore. The spring was beginning to feel like summer and the cherry blossoms had shed their flowers. At the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), classes and critiques were over. The campus in Baltimore’s Bolton Hill neighborhood was almost empty. Seniors in gowns and berets were preparing…

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Millennial Voices: Feminism

By DEBORAH LUBANGA We asked several millennials what  feminism means to them and this is what they had to say.  

Millennial Moment: Thrift Shopping

by ANANYA BHATTACHARYA I wear your granddad’s clothes I look incredible I’m in this big ass coat From that thrift shop down the road -“Thrift Shop,” Mackelmore ft Wanz Despite it being all the rage, millennials are not just thrift shopping to fan their individuality with curated vintage pieces. While some tighten budgets and others…

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Online and In-store Shopping: Competition or Complements?

by ANANYA BHATTACHARYA By a rack of clothes in Forever 21, a twenty-something woman in an oversized navy sweater scrolls on her smartphone, telling her friend, “I’m sure I saw this exact same top on sale a couple of days ago, but I can’t find it on the website anymore! Should I get it anyway…

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Come Here And Say it to my Face-book: Part II

by KATHRYN JONES *lies on virtual chaise and pours her heart out* #FeelingLikeAMillennial Think of the art of throwing shade as countries at war with one another. Each army commander has their preferred approach. My Tweet sounds like a pretty basic complaint. It targets an inanimate object. Indirectly, it insults the person relevant to the…

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Come Here And Say it to my Face-book: Part I

By KATHRYN JONES My Twitter Bio reads, “Young, Jersey, and Unapologetic” – young for the checked box next to age 18-34, Jersey for the motherland, and unapologetic for the sass I express in 140 characters or less. While not every millennial knows the feeling of blasting Bon Jovi while driving down the Garden State Parkway,…

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Young and Drag: Millennials and Drag Queen Culture

By EMILY WOOD A brief interview with Slater Stanley. Slater Stanley is a senior at New York University. He studies Chinese language and is an RA at NYU’s Lafayette Dorm, where he runs activities for the Rainbow Rosters Explorations, which teaches about LGBTQ issues. Stanley is passionate about issues relating to gender and sexuality, two…

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