(Last names excluded due to interviewees request for privacy)

America has been hit with the trend of neon clothing, fast-paced electronic music, and elaborate light shows. With the increasing popularity of electronic music, a new era of music festivals and raves have been created. The rave culture has existed for quite some time but they have now emerged from underground. Electronic music is readily available and attendances at these events continue to increase as the culture becomes widespread.

There are multiple events based upon this rave culture in America. There’s Electric Daisy Carnival Festival, New York’s Electric Zoo Festival, New Year’s Eve Together As One Festival, Ultra Music Festival and even more events such as Coachella and Bonaroo (both of which are based on the appearance of multiple bands), and these are the music events that are more widely heard of. When it comes to attending an electronic music festival there are certain aspects that are easily identified and especially particular apparel. The usual attendee will be wearing anything from a bathing suit top, neon furry boots, metallic spandex; pretty much anything along these criteria will fit.

While music festivals aren’t anything out of the ordinary the regularity of them is clearly increasing. “I’ve always wondered what exactly the appeal is to a rave,” said Tristan T. a Wesleyan Graduate. “Until I went to Electric Zoo I didn’t see the hype, but I have to admit I did end up having the time of my life. I enjoyed the music, enjoyed the company, and I can see why I’ve heard so much about them.”

This year was Electric Zoo’s third year with the addition of a third day. It proved to be a success with a total of 85,000 attendees, a 50,000 increase from just last year. Just this specific electronic music festival has been said to exemplify the return of the rave scene. In a Wall Street Journal article covering Electric Zoo David Macklovitch of the DJ duo Chromeo commented, “It just eventually comes back. We’re definitely getting ’90s vibes.”

While the Electric Daisy Carnival has attracted attendees throughout the California region since 2000, in 2007 this festival switched their location to the Los Angeles Coliseum. Since then this event has rapidly increased in popularity and in the summer of 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival brought in a total of 185,000 people, making it the largest electronic music festival outside of Europe. This event became so popular that the festival moved to Las Vegas this past summer and had a total of over 230,000 attendees over all three days. “You feel the music. You’re in such a different world — nothing else makes you feel like that,” said Shelby S. a University of Southern California junior who attended Electric Daisy Carnival 2011.