Sandy didn’t stop Downtown Brooklyn’s millennials from letting their vote count today at Borough Hall. From bloggers to chefs to musicians to students, the majority of Metrotech’s 20-somethings checked off President Obama as their choice to lead the country for the next four years. Along with social issues and the economy, education served as one of the greatest issues impacting GenYers. BK’s millennial generation weighed in on why they came out to vote and why education was important to them this election.
“I was unable to vote in the last election because I was not of age. When given the opportunity to exercise my right to vote, I took it,” sais 22-year-old Joseph Ramirez.

Ramirez is a first-year student at Brooklyn Law. If it weren’t for the Pell Grant he received to go to college as an undergrad, the road to law school would have been much more difficult financially.

“It’s people like me who need government assistance to make their dreams come true,” the Clinton Hill resident said. “I think [Governor] Romney forgets not everyone’s wealthy.”

Brooklyn college student Winston Blake, 21, agrees that President Obama is offering people of all classes a shot at education. “I agree with Obama that every American has a right to receive an education,” the Fort Greene resident said.

Danielle Jamison, 24, is a recent college grad and hopeful musician. Jamison expressed gratitude for Obama’s post-college-friendly healthcare plan. “I wouldn’t be able to do what I love as a musician if I couldn’t be on my parents’ insurance plan. Thank you Obama,” the Clinton Hill resident said.

Jamison didn’t pass up the opportunity to thank Obama by voting for him this election. “Obama made history in 2008. I wanted to help him do it again,” she said.