A brief interview with Slater Stanley.

Slater Stanley is a senior at New York University. He studies Chinese language and is an RA at NYU’s Lafayette Dorm, where he runs activities for the Rainbow Rosters Explorations, which teaches about LGBTQ issues. Stanley is passionate about issues relating to gender and sexuality, two things that drew him to drag culture.

Stanley’s drag name is Slater G. String, and he tries to challenge gender roles through his drag costumes and makeup. Instead of trying to achieve a completely feminine look, he chooses to emphasize his facial hair. The following set multimedia presentation follows Stanley as he gets ready and does his makeup to go out in drag, travels on public transit in drag, and goes to a club. When asked what he wished the public understood about drag, Stanley says, “I think one of the reasons that drag is so important is that it really allows for the visibility of sexism that goes on. It makes people consider why they act differently towards someone based on their gender.”