1503302_10205305761745145_2449794482820179675_nIf anyone was to play Sarah Skirmont in a movie, she demands that it be herself. Sitting on the seventh floor of New York University’s Kimmel Center, the El Paso, Texas native, thinks and laughs, “But if I’m not available, get J. Law.”

The New York University senior was born on April 2, 1993. Now twenty-one, and a fan of old-fashioneds, While her friends may describe her as “trill,” a combination of true and real, Sarah maintains that she is indifferent.

Sarah does not hide her “dorky” obsession with Lord of the Rings; and she admits her role models range from The Mindy Project’s Mindy Kaling to the fictional matriarch, Lucille Bluth, of Arrested Development.

But now, Sarah, a dual politics and journalism major, is about to graduate and looks to the future. While she dreams of her ideal future, she does not cling to it, instead, Skirmont looks towards the practical.

Q: Why did you choose to double major in politics and journalism?

A: I chose it because, originally, I wanted to work specifically just in journalism with a focus in politics, however now I want to do the opposite, work in politics doing things like campaigning and PR work.

Q: You are expected to graduate this spring. After you have graduate, what do you see yourself doing?

A: Ideally it’d be great to go into something that is humorous, and I love politics and I love the intermixed of both of them, like The Colbert Report, and all that, so that would be great. It is ideal, but it’s not practical. Having my own show would be great, that’d be awesome. But it would probably get a little tiring being in the spotlight all the time. I’d probably say something that wasn’t politically correct, and I’d get a shit-storm. I guess it would be a more politically inclined Chelsea Handler. My job that I could see myself doing, practically, I don’t know if I want to go to law school, but I can see myself working for a politician, like campaigning, PR stuff, social media stuff.

Q: What is your perfect day at NYU?

A: I’m not a person who has a perfect day. I’m not anal enough to have a perfect day. I think life is what you make it, as cliché as the sounds. Any day could be your perfect day.

Q: Well, what would be a pretty good day?

A:  For once, not wake up to the smell of weed from my neighbor upstairs. Take a selfie with a famous person, while subsequently carrying on like it’s no big deal. Ride the rowboats in Central Park during spring or fall. Go for a run on the Hudson. Instagram said run. Go to brunch and gain back the calories burned on the former run. Get ready for a night on the town. Take pictures. Stay home, and get into bed with Netflix and because, let’s be honest, I have my Insta and actually going out is exhausting.

Q: What’s one thing you want to do before you graduate from NYU?

A: Make out with either Sprouse twin. JAY KAY. I would have to say getting drunk in Bobst at [the] Violet Ball.

Q: And finally, you said you’re not sure if you’ll stay in New York after graduation. If and when you do leave, what do you think you will miss about NYU and New York?

A: A few things; dollar pizza, fifteen Starbucks within five minute walking distance, and an abundance of NYU bathrooms around the village.