By RILEY CARDOZA When she isn’t sleeping in Stuytown or stuck in class, the NYU journalism/politics double major Anne Cruz can be found scaling rock walls or trying new cafes. She wears a yellow sweater and a smile as she tells me how she came to be here, nursing a dirty chai in the Madman Espresso on 14th.

On the Move:

I was born in France, lived there for three years, and then lived in Texas. After that, we moved to California for a little bit, went back to Texas, and then when I was twelve or so, we moved to California permanently. We’d change apartments all the time, moving around in Fullerton and then to Aliso Viejo the summer before high school. I guess I got so used to moving every four years or so that I decided to do it again when I applied to college. The journalism program attracted me to NYU, but when I visited, it was the only place I actually saw myself living.


Family Ties:

I have two siblings and they’re both significantly older than me, my brother by ten years and my sister by eighteen. People think my sister’s my mom all the time, and my brother was basically a third parent when I was young. He’d pick me up from preschool and babysit me, making quesadillas and stuff. My sister is in San Francisco and my brother lives in Austin, so it’s kind of hard to stay as close now that we’re all over the place.


Cleaning to Climbing:

I like just staying home and relaxing. Cooking and cleaning are my yoga. When I came to NYU, I started rock climbing. I usually go indoors, but have been trying to get outside more. I won’t be able to again until the weather warms up in the spring. That’s my main hobby when I’m not being lazy. There’s a gum in Queens called the Cliffs of LIC that’s incredible, and I learned to lead/sport climb there this summer. The community is one of the coolest groups of people I’ve ever met, and I like how you have to use both your mind and your body. It’s a very thoughtful sport.


Journey into Journalism:

I got really into nonfiction when I was in my junior year of high school, reading a lot of biographies to get just as lost as I would in a novel, but still remain in reality. Since I like politics, history, writing, and nonfiction, journalism is the natural intersection of all of those things. Washington Square News was the first time I’d ever been in a real newsroom. I started out as a copy editor, and then went for the copy chief position because I liked the people there. When I wanted to write more and get more involved, they let me be the news editor. I wrote a little studying abroad in Paris last semester, writing about moments of experiential learning, but I feel like I’ve graduated from WSN now and am looking forward to trying something new.


Dreaming Big:

I’m interested in so many different things right now that it’s hard to pinpoint something and focus in on it. There’s this rock climber slash skier who became a photographer and makes documentaries that capture the scope of nature very well, and I think doing something like that would be incredible. I also like some of the long form pieces in Rock and Ice that get more in depth as to why certain things happen the way they do, like one very in depth piece on a canyoneering disaster that happened in Utah two years ago. It explained step by step how accident that massive could have happened.. In a perfect world where I could learn some skills very easily, I’d like to try outdoor journalism. I think showing the effects of nature on man would be incredible.