By JENNA JARDINE Relationships are the most important thing in the life of NYU junior Bojana Galic. Her perfect day involves walking around outdoors and spending time with friends. Though she is not opposed to shopping or reading in the park, as long as it is spring time. Her family draws an even stronger reaction. A smile spreads across Galic’s face the minute her family is mentioned. When asked what she is passionate about, they are the first thing to pop into her head. As the only child of two Serbian immigrants, Galic cannot express the strength of her family bonds.

Growing up Serbian

Most of my family still lives in Serbia. My parents moved here all on their own in the eighties. My Dad was offered a job opportunity, first to New York and then to Chicago. They chose Chicago partly because there is a huge Serbian community there, it is actually the second biggest community of Serbians after the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. This was sometimes hard for me as a child because my parents certainly weren’t Americanized, so I felt different a lot of the time. Like at lunchtime, all the other kids would pull out their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and here I was with this giant polish bread sandwich, ya know. Still I was able to form a friend group with other Serbian kids and I think that it really just made me appreciate the culture that much more.

Inspiration for an Aspiring Lawyer

My Godmother is a medical malpractice lawyer and she is not a typical Serbian woman. She has always been inspiring to me because she wasn’t typical. Many don’t go to college, they live with their families until they get married and then have kids. I remember seeing her being so independent and doing her own thing, I mean she didn’t get married until her mid-forties and to this day doesn’t have kids. Not only did she inspire me to be a lawyer, but was also an amazing hard-working female role model for me.

Passions in Life

I am the type of person who appreciates activism and certainly admires people who have that zeal, but I am more of an observer in this case. One issue I am passionate about is climate change. As a runner, I have always appreciated the invigorating feeling you get when running outdoors. As great as running in the city is, nothing beats just me and a million trees. I grew up going to our family’s cabin in Wisconsin. It is surrounded by woods, our nearest neighbor is two miles away and you just feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. I remember playing in those woods with my dog when I was young, those are some of my best memories. I think I am passionate about fighting climate change now because I started appreciating nature very early in my life because of how happy it made me. I want my children, and my children’s children, to be able to have that feeling too.

Life Changing

For most people college is a time of reinventing themselves, but that is not really me. To be honest I was more like that in high school. I am not even sure why but I became a lot more serious and reserved very quickly. I was always serious about school and everything, so I think it was just a change in what I found fun. My parents also have a lot to do with it. They do so much for me and I know I would feel incredibly guilty if I was squandering the opportunities that they worked so hard to give me. I mean, why would you treat the people who love you the most, the worst.

The Not Near Enough Future

I think about things right now that many other people my age don’t. Since I am an only child I know that my future includes going back to Chicago to be with my parents as much as possible. They will certainly need me in the future, so it is just a given that I will settle down near them. After law school I see myself working in a firm and settling down. My boyfriend and I have been together long enough, and have a good enough relationship, to talk about these sort of things. At this point in my life I feel that I am ready to grow up. I am excited about where my life is taking me, even though some may think it pales in comparison.