Starting as early as February, the weather begins to change in New York. It’s not quite as cold as winter can be, but it’s also not hot enough to bust out the floral shorts you shoved at the back of your closet in November. Here are some closet essentials that can help you be more warm-weather ready while still enduring the feel of the Arctic tundra.

Mesh Leggings

Mesh leggings are a great way to combat the dullness of winter. Kendall Jenner recently sported a pair of mesh leggings for a coffee run, promoting their stylish and sophisticated charm.

For the frugal shopper: Forever 21 Active Mesh Insert Leggings $22.90

For the big spender: Alo Yoga Mesh Inset Stirrup Leggings $94.00




Mom Jeans


Mom jeans might’ve been a thing from the past but they’re definitely back in fashion now. Topshop reintroduced this trend in November, and we’ve all been hopping on the bandwagon since. This high-waisted, old-style look is fashion-forward and can be a great way to keep warm in style. Mom jeans tend to come in lighter blue tones which can really add a pop to any outfit.

For the frugal shopper: H&M Mom Jeans $25

For the big spender: Urban Outfitters Mom Jeans $59


Padded Bomber Jackets


Originating from World War I, bomber jackets were worn by mostly pilots. Now, they are a featured trend on almost every millennial out there, men and women. They are always a fun way to add flair to any outfit and also a perfect way to stay warm and cozy. These jackets can come in various materials and patterns such as velvet, suede, or nylon, and can be perfect for night or day.

For the frugal shopper: Charlotte Russe Padded Bomber $17.99

For the big spender: Free People Bomber Jacket $78



Fur Vest

The fur vest has been a fashion staple. It never really goes out of style and celebritiesare constantly photographed wearing them. Fur vests are perfect for adding a unique twist on a typical outfit. Day or night, wearing a fur vest can really pull a whole look together. It also feels like a constant hug!

For the frugal shopper: Walmart Faux-Fur Vest $16

For the big spender: Madewell Faux-Fur Vest $138





Jumpsuits have been an important trend since 2014 when designer Trina Turk reintroduced them with her spring line. They are a great way to keep covered from shoulder to ankle without the added effort of trying to find tops and bottoms that match with each other.  You can dress them up or down and layer them so you’re still warm yet fashionable.

For the frugal shopper: Charlotte Russe Jumpsuit $16.50

For the big spender: Urban Outfitters Jumpsuit $150