Living in the grown-up world can be tough sometimes. Between working all day, paying rent, and dealing with difficult roommates, you might wish life could be a bit simpler, like it was as a kid. Sometimes we need to just take a break from out hectic, yet beautiful lives, and spend more time on memory lane.

In an article titled, “Why Nostalgia is Good for You”, Author Matthew Hutson says “the bittersweet emotion increases feelings of vitality” and “it serves as a positive function, improving mood, and possibly mental health.” Twenty-year-old, Allie Williams couldn’t agree more. Just having moved to New York City to model, her days are filled with castings and long hours in heels a size too small. “I love to write, I always have. It’s something I have always could lose myself in, but now, I enjoy a nice glass of red wine to accompany it.”

Not only can nostalgia be good for you, it’s become more popular in pop culture. Top 90’s shows are making a resurgence, Lisa Frank is making a comeback, and Clinique just teamed with Crayola and released a new set of Chubby Sticks, all named after classic Crayola colors.

So, if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic about your childhood, check out some of fun spins you can try out on some of your oldest favorites


Get your EasyBake Oven out of your parent’s closet, and make some of your favorite mini snacks, but pop a bottle of Pinot to wash them down with.

(Where to buy- Toys-R-Us, Target and Walmart)


Head to the playground, and get your workout on while swinging and sliding.


Scrapbooking and wine night, with only old childhood pictures and memories.


Binge watch Spongebob… All. Day. Long.


If you still live with/near your family, plan a dinner and help your mom make your childhood favorite dish. Good for your tummy and your soul.


Buy an adult coloring book, but only use Crayola crayons or Mr. Smelly markers.

(Where to buy- Amazon, Michael’s, and Barnes and Noble)


Trade a night out to the club with a night at Dave and Busters


Take a sexy shower with someone special, but play with kid’s bathtub paint, what you do with it is up to you.

(Where to buy- Online at Bed Bath and Beyond and eBay)


But don’t limit to yourself to this list, creative your own fun spins on your own childhood favorites, and share them with others on twitter @nyugeny




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