Shelby Jordan has loved to swim for as long as she can remember. A member of the NYU swim team and junior at NYU Steinhardt, Shelby majors in Journalism along with a concentration in media, culture and communication. Her inquisitive nature and quest for knowledge inspired her intended area of study, and her motivated personality and distinct outlook on life certainly make her anything but average.

Hometown Roots I was born and raised in Woodbridge, VA. Growing up I enjoyed spending time with my aunt and younger cousin. Both my aunt and younger cousin are huge parts of my life. I am very close with them and have spent most of my life with them. My mom and I are super close as well. I’m very family-oriented.

Dive In Swimming has always been a huge part of my life. I began taking swimming lessons at the age of 4, eventually went onto to join an actual team a few years later when I was 6 and have been with the sport ever since. Being in the water is something that is just so natural to me. I probably spend an average of six days per week in the water. It’s so hard for me to even remember a time when my hair wasn’t wet!

Swim Up North During my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to go to a city that was lively and fun. The only way I could convince my mom to allow me to attend NYU was under the one condition that I would continue to swim; otherwise there was no way she was letting me go. After meeting with the coach and learning more about the school, I knew I wanted to go here. Woodbridge was the last place I wanted to stay.

Academic Waves I was always an English, writing and math-inclined student, so I knew I wanted to try and do something with that, but I wasn’t sure exactly what. I came into NYU liberal studies program without an idea of what academic path I wanted to pursue. I just like to know things. Journalism is a dying thing – but you know I’ll do other things. So, I decided on Steinhardt’s (Media Culture Communication) MCC program. I’ve taken classes on social processes, political theory, propaganda and mass persuasion, and gender and relations to name a few. I like to know what’s going on right now, this very second in the world. Things change so fast.

Self-Determination I am one of 60 people on the swim team, it’s so important to stay individual focused. During swim meets, people race the clock. Being focused on the person in the lane next to me really isn’t important. Some people just don’t give up; some people care. I’m in it for the experience. I like to see the team happy as a whole, even if I’m personally not the one to win.