It’s been a long day at school: two tests, dropped your coffee, the subway was delayed. At home, you light a Le Labo scented candle, cleanse your face with Glossier Milky Jelly, and lather on your favorite Fresh clay mask. Caring for yourself is important, and having a way to de-stress from your busy day has a huge impact on your mood. You take a photo of yourself and your “routine” for your Instagram story. These products are for you, but you also want people to know that you’re taking care of yourself in quality and brand-name. You’re quick to jump on the latest skincare trends, because it gives you the excuse to time out of your day to treat your body well. While this is incredibly important, this routine is expensive, since relying on these trends leads you to keep buying in the name of “self-care.”

Practicing self-care has always been necessary to maintaining personal health: taking a shower, eating dinner, watching television. More recently, young people have caught on to self-care by creating a trend of buying expensive beauty products to satisfy their need to maintain their body and mind. A name-brand face mask from Sephora could run anywhere from $12 for a single-use clearing treatment, to a whopping $250 for a 1.7oz facial cream. These products, while they may work, have been popularized to a point where they’ve become the definition of millennial self-care.

But if the root of self-care is a person’s ability to act on what makes their mind or body happy and healthy, there are plenty of other ways to achieve personal wellness without spending your entire paycheck. Here are six, quirkier and more unique, ways that millennials self-care.

Read Comics That Reflect Your Mood And Make You Laugh

Natalie, 23, Westchester County, New York

Whenever I’m feeling down, I read reads depressing comics to make myself feel better. One time when I was searching through the internet I saw these comics by Dami Lee that depicted really depressing scenes. They were meant to be funny though, and they are because they’re so relatable. Someone else understands me.

Instagram: @dami_lee

Fold Your Clothes And Organize Your Closet

Juan Sanchez, 20, Bronx, New York

When I do laundry I take the time to fold my shirts and hoodies. Sometimes I even find new ways to fold them to see if it’s easier or more time efficient. Other times I just like to look over my laundry and the clothes that I have, and try to find pieces that I don’t really need or want. It just makes me simplify my life.

Discover A New Neighborhood

Kat Vlasova, 20, New York, New York

Running and wandering around the city is really helpful for me. I like to go running down Bowery or off the path parallel to the FDR and getting lost in random neighborhoods. It helps me deal with my emo issues and also allows me to get a better mental map of the city. One time I found an abandoned burned down church on Broome Street, and another time I picked up a male mannequin that was thrown out.

Fry Some Potatoes

Jacob Levine, 20, Binghamton, New York

I fry potatoes. It’s easy, it’s active, it’s comfort food, and you can add all the spices you want. I like to use cayenne and seasoned salt, as well as smoked paprika and salt. I throw them all right in the oil, which makes the oil taste better. Sometimes, I do curry instead of seasoned salt. They’re breakfast potatoes, and they’re good every time.

Clean Your Bathroom

Izzy Faulkner, 20, Portland, Oregon

I’d say the thing I do most for self-care is clean my bathroom because I find that if it’s dirty or messy, it can be a big weight on how I feel. Sometimes when you’re “finally” getting some chore or task done, you can miss out on the satisfaction of doing it because the whole time you’re focused on the fact that you’ve let it get messy or dirty or broken. It can be a really empowering thing to scrub the bathroom floor because it’s like, Hell yeah! It might’ve been getting grimier for four months, and it might suck to be doing this right now, but its about to be gloriously clean for weeks!

Listen to Hannah Montana in Your Car Alone, or Just Say “Schneep!” And “Beep!”

Maddy Weiland, Oberlin, Ohio

Sometimes when I’m either at home in Stamford, Connecticut, or when I’m at Oberlin, I just go inside my car and sing along to songs I like. I think my favorite artist to sing along with is Hannah Montana. I was obsessed with Miley Cyrus when she was on Disney Channel, and I think it just brings me a sense of nostalgia. So when I get in my car, I literally belt Nobody’s Perfect and all my stress goes away. Basically it’s just a way of avoiding my responsibilities. Another thing that I do is walk around and just say “schneep beep!” repeatedly. It makes me loosen up and makes me remember I’m still young and nothing is really worth worrying about too much.