Credit: Priscilla Malavet Alvarado

The Journey song lyrics, “She is a small-town girl”, aptly describe Emma Rudd. Although her ambition is much bigger. Attending NYU was a no-brainer for the 20-year-old Memphis native. As we drank coffee in Think Coffee down at Bowery and Bleecker, her edgy vibe and the city merged. If she’s not chilling with her friends or drinking a coffee, she is probably interning with The National Organization for Women.

Q: What do you study and why?

I study journalism and social and cultural analysis with emphasis on American studies and gender and sexuality. I really enjoy the gender and sexuality part of what I study because it’s subjective of a person and it has a really big history. I’m learning a lot of its history since I’m taking a Medieval Misogyny class this semester.

Q: “What do you like about the city so much?”

“There’s a lot of cool things to do like going to some of the shows my friend’s band perform in, and also going to check out new galleries every now and the. I think New York has given me the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people that I really never would have met if I had stayed near home. I think that’s been the most important part of my growing academically and personally.”

Q: What is your role in the non-profit organization you intern in?

Right now, I’m doing development and a lot of research. The research is based on diverse women in New York who have built themselves up in successful companies, who are feminist.

Q: What are you views on national politics?

I hate it. It bothers me that every single day get a news alert. (of something ridiculous he said!) When I was in Spain it was nice because I was able to ignore most of it, but now being back it feels a little bit more relevant to me.

Q: What inspired you to go on exchange in Spain?

Since I wanted to learn Spanish, it was either Madrid, Spain or Buenos Aires, Argentina, but because my great grandparents are from Spain I’ve figured ‘why not?’

Q: Who makes that home?

I don’t go that often to Memphis. My parents sold my car when I moved to New York so I couldn’t go anywhere. Also, my high school friends once they left town they didn’t come back so I guess there’s really nothing left for me there except my parents.

Q: If you could describe yourself five years from now in three phrases, what would it be?

That’s kind of tough, I guess I’d say grad school, writing, and a bigger apartment.