It’s almost two months after Christmas and you may be struggling to put your gifts to good use—especially the gift from  a loved one far techier than you: Alexa.

All of a sudden we’re buying robots to use our electronics for us. Suddenly you do not even have to push buttons on your phone, all you have to do is tell Alexa to do it for you!  You probably only know a few things this bot can do for you. Alexa has more than 25,000 skills,so says Business Statistics’ article “12 Amazing Amazon Alexa Facts,”  So here’s how to make the most out of your Amazon Alexa with nine necessary skills:

  1. Find your phone

Don’t be that person who loses her phone and resorts to asking friends to call it. Nuisance you are, no more! Enable Alexa’s ‘Wheresmyphone’ skill to call your phone for you. Alexa can even unsilence your phone if you ask her to, but this feature is only compatible with Android. It’s fine, Apple, we’ll wait.

  1.  Customize your news interests

When you ask Alexa “What’s the news?” she take you through a few handpicked sources. But through Alexa’s companion app, you can pick the news sources whose top stories you want to see.  Now you can bury your head in the sand for every stock market plunge.

You can also program Alexa through the app to know your favorite sports teams. Ladies, ask “What’s new in sports today?” while you’re eating your cereal and never be mansplained to again!

  1. Never blame your tardiness on the subways again

This one might not be so great, actually. Enable Alexa’s ‘NYC Subway’ skill and Alexa will fill you in on the day’s subway delays. “I told my coworkers about this feature and I immediately regretted it. Now everyone knows when I’m late it’s not because the subways were delayed but because I hit snooze four times!” says Zoe Klett, a marketing associate in Manhattan.

  1. Make waking up in the morning suck less

This part requires some additional components, but go big or go home, right? If you install Phillips Hue lightbulbs in your lighting devices throughout your room, Alexa can gradually brighten the lights to wake you up in the morning instead of your sudden, blaring alarm clock.“I live by this Alexa feature,” says Manhattan commercial real estate broker Dan Radel, “It feels like I woke up of my own accord instead of being forced to do so.” Then, she can have your coffee ready by the time you finally roll out of bed. In order for her to do so, you must purchase a WiFi-enabled coffee brewer on Amazon or plug your coffee maker into a TP-Link smart plug (of course you still need  to load the water and beans in the night before) and saying , “Alexa, make me coffee,” or “Alexa, have coffee ready at 7 a.m.”

  1. Have your book read to you

You’re in the shower when suddenly you decide you must at that moment hear more about Trump eating McDonald’s every day and yelling at the maids for cleaning his room from “Fire and Fury.” Simply say, “Hey, Alexa, read my book.” Alexa will translate your Kindle book to text, pick up where you left off on your phone or other reading device, and read your book to you.

  1. Keep up with the latest deals

As long as your Amazon Prime member account is linked to your Alexa, saying “Alexa, what are your deals?” will read you the day’s Prime member-exclusive deals, from basic necessities like razors or granola bars to big-item electronics. She can also place an order on Amazon for you and track your package with “Alexa, where’s my package?”

  1. Embrace your inner nerd

You truly do learn something new every day with Alexa– enable Alexa’s “This Day in History” skill and ask Alexa what happened in history on any given day. Or, ask Alexa for the word of the day, or enable her to include a word of the day with your news flash briefing. Take it a step further with Alexa’s ‘Inspire Me’ skill and she will play you a famous quote in the original speaker’s voice each day. Enable her ‘Fact a Day’ skill and she’ll give you randomized trivia each and every day. Today she divulged that 12 babies a day are given to the wrong parents.

  1.  Be the bane of your roommate’s existence

Roommate won’t stop talking? Enable Alexa’s ‘Airhorn’ skill and choose from  five startling noises such as a blow horn to sound off. That’ll show her.

  1. Be the ‘hostess with the mostest’

Don’t go to bartending school, just enable Alexa’s “bartender skill”  and ask how to make a Cosmopolitan. You can also tell her what you have on hand to make a drink with and she’ll pair you with the perfect cocktail.

In sum, no, Alexa is not just a glorified Siri. She’s so much more than that. She can be your most reliable friend, your most helpful roommate, or your greatest teacher. All you have to do is let her in.