A self-professed introvert who shies away from talking about himself, Abe Lewis, 22, is a man of few words and simple tastes, choosing to spend his time among video games, TV, movies and books. Growing up in a family of medical professionals in Waltham, Massachusetts, Lewis is a certified basic emergency medical technician; though, he confesses to having mostly theoretical knowledge and little experience. However, upon college, he decided to major in computer science and journalism, having settled upon the latter in junior year. Unlike most of his peers who already know what they want to do, he has not give much thought to life beyond graduation. Ask him further and he will tell you vaguely that everything is still “hand-wavy” and up in the air. But without doubt, he knows where his interests lie: writing, science fiction and coding.


Japanese vs Spanish: One of the reasons why I take Japanese is because I took the Spanish placement test, and then fell asleep in the middle of it and you can’t retake it. I took Spanish in high school for three years; now I just know some words and phrases but I can’t really speak it. I didn’t really want to take Spanish but I thought that if I could place into one of the higher classes, then I wouldn’t have to take so many classes. I’ll take Japanese through Advanced 2, and then hopefully I’ll be able to communicate enough to get a job in Japan or travel there for some time.

I want to get out of the US for a while, or forever. I don’t feel particularly tied to the country, except my family which is awesome. I’d like to live somewhere else for a while, particularly Japan, since I’m learning the language and I’m interested in the culture.


Suicidal-looking scar: My buddies and I always used to go climbing buildings, big ones, schools and just anything that we could get up; some are easier than others. One time, my friend, Julian, and I went to climb a hospital. It was a hospital that wasn’t really in used that much. We went up to the top, climbed stuff and jumped over stuff, but on the way back down, I was climbing over a railing and it came over the wall, and I fell. It was a close fracture and both (forearm) bones broke. I got it fixed in surgery a day or two later but I started climbing again after a few months. I don’t like talking about the scar because people tend to think that I cut myself. I don’t really mind it because I didn’t, but sometimes people just make their assumptions.


Time away from society: I think it’ll be cool to hike the Appalachian Trail at some point. When I am successful and I have four months to spend in the wilderness, I want to spend months away from modern society, with just a few people. I used to go on day hikes every summer, up to New Hampshire, make some friends and hike up a mountain for one day. It’s a fun activity to do for a day. We stay at a cabin in New Hampshire as it’s three hours away from where I stay in Massachusetts, and stay there for a few days to a week. There is a sense of accomplishment if you climb up a mountain, then sit on the top and eat lunch.


Written by Faustina Lim