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A Change of Faith

A Change of Faith

A Muslim named Kaivan and a Jew named Dylan are both typical members of Generation Y.  They both subscribe to a different religious belief, but neither is fighting over who is right.  For them, their religion is not about whose is the best, but which religion works best for them. […]


Bridging the Gap: Mash-Up Artists and Copyright Law

In 2003, Danger Mouse, a.k.a. DJ Brian Burton, took music samples from the Beatles’ “White Album” and edited in Jay-Z’s vocals from his “Black Album,” creating the “Grey Album.”  This record became one of the first mainstream mash-up albums, and Rolling Stone Magazine called it “the most talked about musical […]


Lights, Camera, YouTube: Changing Celebrity for the Web

Since its advent in 2005, YouTube has bred a new kind of celebrity. But, can these online personalities compete with tried and true Hollywood stars? TOP 10 YOUTUBE VIDEOS: 1. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne – over 125,428,485 views 2. Evolution of Dance – 126,311,388 views 3. Charlie Bit My Finger […]