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What Drunk Millennials Eat



Unmarried Millennial Mommies

Maria with her daughter

By DANIELLE STROLIA “Abortion” was the first word that came to mind when Maria Carreras found out she was pregnant. She wasn’t ready for a baby, and neither was her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Her nursing degree was almost finished, and marriage was out of the question. Yet her family’s culture […]


Emily Witham

Emily Witham

      Emily Witham, a senior at NYU currently pursuing a double major in journalism and dramatic literature, is right from the get-go a burst of upbeat energy as she bounds into the Starbucks at Astor’s Place. Sipping on her sweetened passion tango ice tea lemonade, this auburn-haired, blue-eyed […]


The Hidden Costs of Parent PLUS Loans

The Hidden Costs of Parent PLUS Loans

By DANIELLE STROLIA When Komal Kazim was accepted into NYU and offered the opportunity to spend her freshman year in Paris, it was a dream come true. Yet her blissful stay on cloud nine was cut short with the gathering of the dark clouds of financial aid. The tuition for […]


Millennials and their Sexting Habits

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By DANIELLE STROLIA On September 26, the third wave of the tastelessly dubbed ‘Fappening’ hit the Internet. Cara Delevingne joined Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton as the latest victim of a hacker who has leaked private, nude and semi-nude photos of them and almost a hundred other female celebrities online. […]