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Young and Drag: Millennials and Drag Queen Culture

By EMILY WOOD A brief interview with Slater Stanley. Slater Stanley is a senior at New York University. He studies Chinese language and is an RA at NYU’s Lafayette Dorm, where he runs activities for the Rainbow Rosters Explorations, which teaches about LGBTQ issues. Stanley is passionate about issues relating […]


Innovative Distance Learning Programs: Making the Cloud the Classroom

Innovative Distance Learning Programs: Making the Cloud the Classroom

By EMILY WOOD Elizabeth Steffel, a motivated student with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Development, knew that she wanted to attend a top-notch college to pursue her masters in social work. Married and in her late 20’s with a baby and a toddler, Steffel feared she would […]


Lily Starbuck

Lily Starbuck

Eighteen-year-old Lily Starbuck has one of those bubbly, outgoing personalities. It is easy to picture Starbuck as a future cooking show host—one of her several career aspirations. Starbuck, a food aficionado, Barefoot Contessa fan, and hard working student at New York University, is carving out a unique path that will […]


Students Confused by Affirmative Consent on Campus: What the Policy Really Means

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney of the US House of Representatives speaking at "The Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in our Schools and Universities," a panel discussion at New York University.

By EMILY WOOD Emma Sulkowicz—the mattress-toting student at Columbia University—has become a household name as photographs of her carrying her dorm room mattress around campus have flooded Facebook newsfeeds and even The New York Times. Sulkowicz uses her mattress as a creative protest of the lack of disciplinary action taken […]


The Modern Speakeasy Reveals the Secret to Drawing Millennials

The popular Beauty and Essex restaurant that looks like a pawn shop from the exterior.

By EMILY WOOD Speakeasy style restaurants and bars are cropping up from Chinatown, to the Upper East Side, to Brooklyn. A quick Google search reveals a host of 1920s-inspired establishments in the heart of the city—Apothéke, Sons of Essex, The Richardson, Bathtub Gin, among others. What makes them so popular […]