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3 Recipes for the Millennial Kitchen



The Fight is Not Over

The Fight is Not Over

By LILY STARBUCK Where one millennial stands on abortion rights. And why she’s still fighting. Sylvia Abdullah greeted shoppers at the entrance to a cramped, sun-filled pre-war apartment in the heart of Soho. She maneuvered her way past an overflowing coat rack and over boxes, bags, and piles of second […]


Emily Wood

Emily Wood

A twenty-something shifted her idea of how she will get to med school by focusing on what makes her happy right now. Emily Wood, 20, has a pretty good handle on her life plan, which is not something one can say of most twenty-somethings. There is one path that could […]


Moms and Their Millennial “Friends”

Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl, which includes numerous comments on the mother-daughter relationship.

By LILY STARBUCK In her first book, Not That Kind of Girl (2014), Lena Dunham offers insight into the difficulties of growing up. And like anyone growing up these days, she talks a great deal about her parents. Dunham recalls when as a recent college grad living a home, she […]


What Are Millennials Drinking?

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By LILY STARBUCK New York, NY – Marissa Raskin, 21-year-old senior at New York University, will be reaching for a glass of wine this Thursday night in the comfort of her shared apartment. Her drink of choice? “Charles Shaw Pinot Grigio. $3 a bottle baby,” she says with pride. She’ll […]