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I’m Hooked!



Choose Chelsea

Choose Chelsea

By RILEY CARDOZA If you’re headed to Manhattan thinking “been there, done that” or don’t feel like elbowing your way through packs of tourists, take the road less traveled by with a trip to Chelsea. Not just a gay bar destination (although it can be if you want it to), this […]


Amp Up NYC Family Dining

Amp Up NYC Family Dining

By JENNA JARDINE Dining in the city with kids can be daunting. No matter if you’re a family of tourists, exhausted after a long day of sightseeing, or a family of New Yorkers, trying to break out of your normal routine, it can be tough to find a place with […]


Millennial Voices: Feminism

By DEBORAH LUBANGA We asked several millennials what  feminism means to them and this is what they had to say.  


Young and Drag: Millennials and Drag Queen Culture

By EMILY WOOD A brief interview with Slater Stanley. Slater Stanley is a senior at New York University. He studies Chinese language and is an RA at NYU’s Lafayette Dorm, where he runs activities for the Rainbow Rosters Explorations, which teaches about LGBTQ issues. Stanley is passionate about issues relating […]


5 Femvertising Companies Using Their Profits For Good

Photo credit - Always #LikeAGirl campaign

By DEBORAH LUBANGA For a long time feminism seemed like a “dirty word” that often evoked images of hairy, man-hating women.  But recently this negative stereotype has begun to fade.  In fact young celebrities, like Emma Watson and Lena Dunham, have made feminism seem “cool.”  And companies have found a […]


Millennial Children of Divorce: Fear, Anxiety and Determination to End the Cycle

photo credit: theparents

By LARSON BINZER Julie Smith* always Skyped her family when she was homesick through her first two years at New York University. The dial would ring and the screen would fill with the familiar chattering of her parents, brother and, of course, Gran, sending hellos and love all the way […]


Marketing to Millennial Women: Simply add Feminism and Stir

Photo credit - Always

By DEBORAH LUBANGA In a brightly lit studio, director Lauren Greenfield asked several teens and young adults what it meant to act “like a girl.”  Doing the first thing that came to mind, a young woman flailed her legs and complained about messing up her hair as she ran “like […]


They Want It That Way: Millennial Nostalgia for the 1990’s

Sarah Carroll, 21, enjoys a "Friends" marathon.

By EMILY WITHAM The costumes in the Chicago improv club were low-budget but instantly recognizable. The actor in the jeans, zip-up t-shirt, and baseball cap was undoubtedly Ash Ketchum, hero of the 1990’s television series Pokemon. The other actor, in the all-yellow outfit and rosy cheeks, was his Pokemon sidekick, […]


The Fight is Not Over

The Fight is Not Over

By LILY STARBUCK Where one millennial stands on abortion rights. And why she’s still fighting. Sylvia Abdullah greeted shoppers at the entrance to a cramped, sun-filled pre-war apartment in the heart of Soho. She maneuvered her way past an overflowing coat rack and over boxes, bags, and piles of second […]