Are Social Smokers Actually Addicted?

Are Social Smokers Actually Addicted?

By LARSON BINZER After a few minutes of walking down 8th street in Greenwich Village, 21-year-old college student, Jason Hur, who refers to himself as a “social smoker,” finally finds a light. The light comes from a 20-something-year-old man in a small crowd of smokers huddled on the steps outside of a New York […]


Carefree Black Girls Challenge Negative Stereotypes

Carefree Black Girls Challenge Negative Stereotypes

By DEBORAH LUBANGA Braided hair swings low and teased afros reach high in a certain corner of the Internet. Photos of young, African-American women of different shades, shapes, and sizes populate the social media landscape. Some women wear flower crowns as they pose in grassy fields. Others wrap colorful scarves […]


Normcore: A Fashion for Millennials

Photo credit: Gap, Inc.

By DIANA TAO A young woman in a black leather jacket stares into the reflection of herself as she rolls lipstick onto her lower lip; a young man stands in front of a refrigerator looking in, one hand leaning against the freezer and the other tucked into his jeans’ pockets. […]


The Lipstick Effect: Do Women Need Makeup to Feel Good?

Sephora: home to luxury brands of makeup

By SARAH SKIRMONT Jessica Griener, 23, scanned the iconic black and white lit aisles of Sephora for a $42 bottle of her favorite Lancôme brand of foundation. She clenches the 3-inch capsule of makeup in her hand, refusing the idea of paying significantly less for a significantly lower quality drug store […]


The Modern Speakeasy Reveals the Secret to Drawing Millennials

The popular Beauty and Essex restaurant that looks like a pawn shop from the exterior.

By EMILY WOOD Speakeasy style restaurants and bars are cropping up from Chinatown, to the Upper East Side, to Brooklyn. A quick Google search reveals a host of 1920s-inspired establishments in the heart of the city—Apothéke, Sons of Essex, The Richardson, Bathtub Gin, among others. What makes them so popular […]


What Are Millennials Drinking?

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By LILY STARBUCK New York, NY – Marissa Raskin, 21-year-old senior at New York University, will be reaching for a glass of wine this Thursday night in the comfort of her shared apartment. Her drink of choice? “Charles Shaw Pinot Grigio. $3 a bottle baby,” she says with pride. She’ll […]


Sick-Lit: Exploitative or Entertaining?

NYU Senior Sarah Carroll reads Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

By EMILY WITHAM It was just supposed to be a mother-daughters movie night- a relaxing evening for the women of the Eichelberger family to bond- but it ended in bouts of hysteria. Mother Cynthia and daughters Samantha and Caroline had settled in to watch the movie adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks […]


The Experience Generation: Millennials at Music Festivals

Firefly Music Festival 2014

By VICTORIA FINNEGAN The sun is beginning to set on the dusty Delaware field and a reggae cover of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” blasts though George’s speakers. A group of friends from New Jersey are sitting under a canopy adorned with tie-dye Buddha flags, plastic, neon flowers, and […]


Millennials and their Sexting Habits

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By DANIELLE STROLIA On September 26, the third wave of the tastelessly dubbed ‘Fappening’ hit the Internet. Cara Delevingne joined Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton as the latest victim of a hacker who has leaked private, nude and semi-nude photos of them and almost a hundred other female celebrities online. […]


Interns Want Fair Compensation and Quality

Carmen Huff at XO Group Incorporated, 
where she interned for The Knot.
Credit to Carmen Huff.

By KATE STARR You’re a few months into the first semester of the school year and you’re starting to freak out, per usual, about your future as a journalism major. Finding the perfect job, frankly finding a job at all, is weighing down on you, and your parents constantly reminding […]