They Want It That Way: Millennial Nostalgia for the 1990’s

Sarah Carroll, 21, enjoys a "Friends" marathon.

By EMILY WITHAM The costumes in the Chicago improv club were low-budget but instantly recognizable. The actor in the jeans, zip-up t-shirt, and baseball cap was undoubtedly Ash Ketchum, hero of the 1990’s television series Pokemon. The other actor, in the all-yellow outfit and rosy cheeks, was his Pokemon sidekick, […]


Innovative Distance Learning Programs: Making the Cloud the Classroom

Innovative Distance Learning Programs: Making the Cloud the Classroom

By EMILY WOOD Elizabeth Steffel, a motivated student with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Development, knew that she wanted to attend a top-notch college to pursue her masters in social work. Married and in her late 20’s with a baby and a toddler, Steffel feared she would […]


The Rise of Digital Activism Among Millennials

Photo by Yemisi Miller.

By KATE STARR A few days after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Yemisi Miller, a sophomore at Spellman University, posted a photo of herself to Twitter with the hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown. The Twitter photo featured two images of the young Black woman, one in her high school graduation […]


Facebook: A Breeding Ground for Social Comparison

Millenials tend to compare themselves to their Facebook friends and self-promote on their own social media profiles in an attempt to measure up.

By NATALIA GARCIA It is a Tuesday night and I am at the library browsing through Facebook between assignments when I come across a picture of a friend from high school holding a 3-liter bottle of Maison Perrier-Jouët at PHD, one of New York City’s most exclusive nightclubs. “$25,000,” the […]


Finding your Tinderfella: fairytale or reality?

Finding your Tinderfella: fairytale or reality?

By SARAH SKIRMONT   The melodic piano tune danced through Kayla Keegan’s ears as her voice synched with the words displayed on a TV screen to Elton John’s “Piano Man.” Even after a shot of whiskey and a beer, followed by an impromptu karaoke session, Kayla Keegan didn’t fully relax as […]


Post-Internet Art: The New Millennial Expression

A still from Rx’s “Bumble” music video

By MIA TAPER In a computer-generated 3D universe, electronic music pulses as samples of computer beeps and boops are sprinkled in. A golden, star-laden phrase “LET THE MACHINE LIVE YOUR FANTASY” bounces about as crudely animated women jerk their bodies in a circle. An enormous beige male head protrudes from […]


Are Social Smokers Actually Addicted?

Are Social Smokers Actually Addicted?

By LARSON BINZER After a few minutes of walking down 8th street in Greenwich Village, 21-year-old college student, Jason Hur, who refers to himself as a “social smoker,” finally finds a light. The light comes from a 20-something-year-old man in a small crowd of smokers huddled on the steps outside of a New York […]


Carefree Black Girls Challenge Negative Stereotypes

Carefree Black Girls Challenge Negative Stereotypes

By DEBORAH LUBANGA Braided hair swings low and teased afros reach high in a certain corner of the Internet. Photos of young, African-American women of different shades, shapes, and sizes populate the social media landscape. Some women wear flower crowns as they pose in grassy fields. Others wrap colorful scarves […]


Normcore: A Fashion for Millennials

Photo credit: Gap, Inc.

By DIANA TAO A young woman in a black leather jacket stares into the reflection of herself as she rolls lipstick onto her lower lip; a young man stands in front of a refrigerator looking in, one hand leaning against the freezer and the other tucked into his jeans’ pockets. […]


The Lipstick Effect: Do Women Need Makeup to Feel Good?

Sephora: home to luxury brands of makeup

By SARAH SKIRMONT Jessica Griener, 23, scanned the iconic black and white lit aisles of Sephora for a $42 bottle of her favorite Lancôme brand of foundation. She clenches the 3-inch capsule of makeup in her hand, refusing the idea of paying significantly less for a significantly lower quality drug store […]