Can a Relationship Survive Facebook?

Too much information killed college student Katie Ulrich’s relationship. The NYU junior began to suspect her romance was on rocky ground when she and the new flame were not exactly simpatico: She dressed up for dates while he sported sweats; they’d make plans for a day’s outing to Coney Island […]


Gen Y Goes Vegan

Vegan dish from the Wild Ginger restaurant

Lucy Drummond became a vegan just before her freshman year at NYU after seeing a documentary on animals suffering on factory farms. Growing up, she and her family regularly ate meat, but since going vegan, she has become an officer of Cruelty-Free NYU, a student-run animal rights club, and has […]


Visumes: Resumes Go Video

A George Mason University prospective student submits a video resume where she plays the ukulele and singing a song about why she belongs at the university.

In an episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” the job-seeking Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) submits a video boasting about his business accomplishments, athleticism and personal relationships all while riding a motorcycle and later a horse. Predictably, the resume ends up being too much of a good thing. Getting […]


Yoga Becomes a Social Scene

Yoga Becomes a Social Scene

On a humid September afternoon, swarms of young men and women crowd into Yoga to the People in the East Village. The noise level builds as they spread their colorful yoga mats over the floor and begin stretching and chatting about last night’s debauchery or next week’s plans. Once the […]


Gen Y Wants to Be Its Own Boss

Gen Y Wants to Be Its Own Boss

On a dreary Sunday morning, more than 300 NYU students made their way into the business school’s main auditorium. Despite the early hour, they furiously took notes and raised question after question. Had this been an ordinary lecture, such participation would not have been expected. But this was no ordinary […]


20-somethings Find Fashion in Feathers

Ke$ha was one of the first celebrities to pioneer the feather hair extension trend.

Megan Kiessling never thought of herself as a trendsetter – or a trend follower for that matter. As a 24-year-old actuary from Jersey City, she was expected to follow the standard “business casual” dress code. But when she happened upon a display for feather hair extensions, a recent trend among […]


Why Students No Read Good

Why Students No Read Good

The theater class reading was daunting—two plays in 48 hours: the 130-page “Son of Don Juan” and the 80-page “Mrs. Warren’s Profession.” But NYU acting studet Skyler Gallun immediately knew what he would do. “I read half of one of them and the online summary for the other. In class, […]


Scanning Away: QR Codes Burst
into Social Media Marketing

Scanning Away: QR Codes Burst  into Social Media Marketing

On a late Saturday night, a group of 20-something girls squeeze into the back booth in NYC’s busy Banc Café , pull out their smartphones en masse and begin to tweet, text and talk before doing something particularly odd–they start taking pictures of the menu. By scanning a barcode-esque symbol, […]


The Evolution of Fashion Journalism

The Evolution of Fashion Journalism

For the past ten years, Los Angeles Times fashion critic Booth Moore has been covering fashion shows in New York, Paris, and Milan. But at fashion week in New York this year, she noticed that something was different. “Bloggers were the flavor of the month this season,” she says, noting […]


How Generation Y Is Transforming Fashion Now

Raymond Chu, a 20-year-old NYU student, doesn’t follow fashion trends. He preferred military jackets and three-piece suits a la Indiana Jones and Fred Astaire in high school, and was always considered overdressed. Now, instead of mockery he receives praise from friends and strangers alike. Repeatedly featured on street-style photography blog […]