Electric Guest’s “Plural” is All Over The Place

Electric Guest

By RAYNE H. ELLIS It’s been five years since the indie-rock band Electric Guest debuted their first studio album Mondo. And for five years, fans have awaited the arrival of something – anything – new. Plural was the reward for their patience.


How to Choose Which Music Festival is Right For You

How to Choose Which Music Festival is Right For You

By RAYNE H. ELLIS Spring initiates the start of music festival season, from small venues like Piedmont Park in Atlanta, to huge ones like a 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee. With 32 million people going to at least one music festival a year, “music festivals are becoming one of young American’s […]


There’s Something About Molly

There’s Something About Molly

Imagine a summer scene of party-goers writhing with excitement as a DJ blasts pulsating beats through speakers, every hypnotic rhythm resonating. After one hit of molly the music gets louder, the lights get brighter,the dancers go non-stop, soaring to new heights of ecstasy. This is what 21-year-old student Rachel—whose name […]


“Roll Over Beethoven”


Steven Brown, a 50-year-old musician, reminisces about the days when he was a little boy sitting in his Brooklyn home listening to the stereo blasting Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the sounds of trumpets and cellos echoing through the living room. Today, that stereo has been replaced with iPods and ear […]


From Gap Ads to iTunes Best-Sellers, Folk Hits the Mainstream

Paddy McClave, Folk Singer/Songwriter who toured through the U.S. this summer

Clad in cowboy boots, a flannel shirt and straight leg jeans, Clayton Severson looked like the epitome of a country musician, right down to his shoulder-length blonde hair.  Yet as he performed his first song on Sept. 23 at The Bitter End, his music showed only a smidge of country, […]


Raves Go Mainstream

Raves Go Mainstream

(Last names excluded due to interviewees request for privacy) America has been hit with the trend of neon clothing, fast-paced electronic music, and elaborate light shows. With the increasing popularity of electronic music, a new era of music festivals and raves have been created. The rave culture has existed for […]


Bridging the Gap: Mash-Up Artists and Copyright Law

In 2003, Danger Mouse, a.k.a. DJ Brian Burton, took music samples from the Beatles’ “White Album” and edited in Jay-Z’s vocals from his “Black Album,” creating the “Grey Album.”  This record became one of the first mainstream mash-up albums, and Rolling Stone Magazine called it “the most talked about musical […]