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Post-Internet Art: The New Millennial Expression

A still from Rx’s “Bumble” music video

By MIA TAPER In a computer-generated 3D universe, electronic music pulses as samples of computer beeps and boops are sprinkled in. A golden, star-laden phrase “LET THE MACHINE LIVE YOUR FANTASY” bounces about as crudely animated women jerk their bodies in a circle. An enormous beige male head protrudes from […]


Does Facebook Really Make Narcissists?

Does Facebook Really Make Narcissists?

In “The Social Network,” Mark Zuckerberg’s fictional girlfriend breaks up with him after he refuses to stop talking about himself at dinner. Miffed, Zuckerberg hastily retreats to his Harvard dorm, opens a beer, and posts about his latest personal problem on the Internet for everyone to see. This opening scene […]