Come Here And Say it to my Face-book: Part II

Come Here And Say it to my Face-book: Part II

by KATHRYN JONES *lies on virtual chaise and pours her heart out* #FeelingLikeAMillennial Think of the art of throwing shade as countries at war with one another. Each army commander has their preferred approach. My Tweet sounds like a pretty basic complaint. It targets an inanimate object. Indirectly, it insults […]


Come Here And Say it to my Face-book: Part I

Come Here And Say it to my Face-book: Part I

By KATHRYN JONES My Twitter Bio reads, “Young, Jersey, and Unapologetic” – young for the checked box next to age 18-34, Jersey for the motherland, and unapologetic for the sass I express in 140 characters or less. While not every millennial knows the feeling of blasting Bon Jovi while driving […]


Young and Drag: Millennials and Drag Queen Culture

By EMILY WOOD A brief interview with Slater Stanley. Slater Stanley is a senior at New York University. He studies Chinese language and is an RA at NYU’s Lafayette Dorm, where he runs activities for the Rainbow Rosters Explorations, which teaches about LGBTQ issues. Stanley is passionate about issues relating […]


Skype Relationship



5 Femvertising Companies Using Their Profits For Good

Photo credit - Always #LikeAGirl campaign

By DEBORAH LUBANGA For a long time feminism seemed like a “dirty word” that often evoked images of hairy, man-hating women.  But recently this negative stereotype has begun to fade.  In fact young celebrities, like Emma Watson and Lena Dunham, have made feminism seem “cool.”  And companies have found a […]


The Millenial and the Never Ending Pursuit of Happiness

The American Psychological Association reports that more college students and teenagers are  more stressed than their adult counterparts.

The Millenial and the Never Ending Pursuit of Happiness By: SARAH SKIRMONT It’s Sunday morning in midtown Manhattan. While some New Yorkers are just rising from their deep slumber, NYU student Deborah Lubanga is boarding the 4 train to attend church services. Dressed casually in “jeans and a relatively nice […]


Millennials & Activism: Ferguson



Millennial Moment: Screen Attachments

BY MIA TAPER Eight millennials talk about their attachments and interactions with screens on a daily basis and how this generation is affected by the influx of technology.


3 Recipes for the Millennial Kitchen



From DREAM Act to DREAM Teams

From DREAM Act to DREAM Teams

By DIANA TAO At the corner of East 13th Street and Fifth Avenue, a group of around forty students stand next to each other holding cellophane-wrapped white roses and palm-sized tea lights. The students quietly huddle around the outside of the New School University Center as they create a vigil […]