5 Ways to Lose a Guy

By BOJANA GALIC After some humiliating and hilarious scenes, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey end up happily ever after in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” However, the film’s central question remains unanswered. How do you show a man that you’re just not that into him?   Breaking […]


A College Student’s Guide to a Happy Mom

A College Student’s Guide to a Happy Mom

BY SHELBY JORDAN If you think heading off to college and adjusting to your new life was hard for you, consider your mother.  A chapter in her life – hands-on mom—ends. She fears that you will never need her again. It’s a period of transition where she has to find […]


Profile Prejudice: Discrimination on Gay Dating Apps

Profile Prejudice: Discrimination on Gay Dating Apps

By: ZACH LARIMER “Vanilla and spice, no chocolate or rice. Just my preference.” While this may read like your friend’s extremely vague contribution to the lunch order it’s an actual description from a Grindr profile, the popular gay dating app with over six million members. Translation: the guy is interested […]


Millennial Children of Divorce: Fear, Anxiety and Determination to End the Cycle

photo credit: theparents

By LARSON BINZER Julie Smith* always Skyped her family when she was homesick through her first two years at New York University. The dial would ring and the screen would fill with the familiar chattering of her parents, brother and, of course, Gran, sending hellos and love all the way […]


Unmarried Millennial Mommies

Maria with her daughter

By DANIELLE STROLIA “Abortion” was the first word that came to mind when Maria Carreras found out she was pregnant. She wasn’t ready for a baby, and neither was her on-again, off-again boyfriend. Her nursing degree was almost finished, and marriage was out of the question. Yet her family’s culture […]


Finding your Tinderfella: fairytale or reality?

Finding your Tinderfella: fairytale or reality?

By SARAH SKIRMONT   The melodic piano tune danced through Kayla Keegan’s ears as her voice synched with the words displayed on a TV screen to Elton John’s “Piano Man.” Even after a shot of whiskey and a beer, followed by an impromptu karaoke session, Kayla Keegan didn’t fully relax as […]


Students Confused by Affirmative Consent on Campus: What the Policy Really Means

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney of the US House of Representatives speaking at "The Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in our Schools and Universities," a panel discussion at New York University.

By EMILY WOOD Emma Sulkowicz—the mattress-toting student at Columbia University—has become a household name as photographs of her carrying her dorm room mattress around campus have flooded Facebook newsfeeds and even The New York Times. Sulkowicz uses her mattress as a creative protest of the lack of disciplinary action taken […]


Moms and Their Millennial “Friends”

Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl, which includes numerous comments on the mother-daughter relationship.

By LILY STARBUCK In her first book, Not That Kind of Girl (2014), Lena Dunham offers insight into the difficulties of growing up. And like anyone growing up these days, she talks a great deal about her parents. Dunham recalls when as a recent college grad living a home, she […]


Millennial Dating: Who Pays When Men and Women Go Out?

Millennial Dating: Who Pays When Men and Women Go Out?

By DEBORAH LUBANGA As midterm exams were just a week away, University of Georgia student, Austin Simmons, 19, wanted to have a little fun before studying consumed all of his free time. His girlfriend, Jacquelyn Harms, 19, had mentioned a craving for Outback Steakhouse, so he invited her out for […]


Hookup Culture: All in Millennials’ Minds?

Photo Credit: Daniel Nanescu,

By EMILY WITHAM During her semester abroad in London, college student Mackenzie Cash decided to enjoy a Valentine’s Day single ladies night with some friends. They found themselves at a nightclub called Pacha near Victoria Station and the evening started off well enough. The girls drank freely and grooved on […]