Students Confused by Affirmative Consent on Campus: What the Policy Really Means

Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney of the US House of Representatives speaking at "The Epidemic of Sexual Abuse in our Schools and Universities," a panel discussion at New York University.

By EMILY WOOD Emma Sulkowicz—the mattress-toting student at Columbia University—has become a household name as photographs of her carrying her dorm room mattress around campus have flooded Facebook newsfeeds and even The New York Times. Sulkowicz uses her mattress as a creative protest of the lack of disciplinary action taken […]


The Hidden Costs of Parent PLUS Loans

The Hidden Costs of Parent PLUS Loans

By DANIELLE STROLIA When Komal Kazim was accepted into NYU and offered the opportunity to spend her freshman year in Paris, it was a dream come true. Yet her blissful stay on cloud nine was cut short with the gathering of the dark clouds of financial aid. The tuition for […]


Why are Millennials Going to Grad School?

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By KIRA HARADA-STONE Since starting Stony Brook University three years ago, Stacy, now a junior, has changed her major four different times. She has sampled majors in pharmacology, writing, nutrition and journalism. Perhaps one reason that she hasn’t felt pressured to decide on a major is that she’s always planned […]


Are Social Smokers Actually Addicted?

Are Social Smokers Actually Addicted?

By LARSON BINZER After a few minutes of walking down 8th street in Greenwich Village, 21-year-old college student, Jason Hur, who refers to himself as a “social smoker,” finally finds a light. The light comes from a 20-something-year-old man in a small crowd of smokers huddled on the steps outside of a New York […]


Taking Time Off

Queens native and 22-year-old student Alexa Wolfe, went straight to college after graduating high school, attending the Borough of Manhattan Community College for one year before withdrawing. Tuition for full-time BMCC students runs $4,000 a year and during those first two semesters Wolfe’s parents paid all of her tuition. Things […]


Student Profile: Louis Landas

Student Profile: Louis Landas

Born to a Bolivian mother and Filipino father who both grew up in the United States, the 21-year-old NYU Stern undergrad was always exposed to different cultures but feels the strongest connection to Singapore, where he grew up. Louis moved from Virginia when he was five after his father landed […]


Going Greek Again

In a student’s off campus apartment in Union Square, Nicole Robison sits on the purple pullout couch that has become her temporary bed. Pocket-sized expense reports are scattered around her as she staples receipts to them with the miniature, pink stapler from her oversized tote bag. Two pink suitcases overflow […]


Studying without distractions

  During the 90 minutes spent studying for a French quiz, Brenda Lau, 19, a New York University Political Theory and Literature sophomore, has checked her cell phone’s social media applications at least 10 times.   Sounds familiar? This has become the Generation-Y mode of studying: the era where social […]


College As A Different Kind of Transition

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  Looking at the monumental legislation of the past few years—legalized gay marriage, improvements in workplace anti-discrimination policies—can easily be made for the advancement in L.G.B.T.Q. rights. But with an acronym so casually thrown around, the parts of the whole are often forgotten, or misunderstood. The “T” stands for transgender […]


Gap Year Grind

Gap Year Grind

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Jasmeet Sidhu found herself worn out from the never-ending cycle of classes, summer jobs, and extracurriculars. Her goal had been to work in media but during the exhausting four-year run she became more and more unsure of her long-term goals.  “I needed to […]