As the fall semester of her senior year at New York University begins, Margaret Cohn is spending her time balancing classes, an internship, a job, and friends. She took an eventful road to get from her childhood in Miami, Florida to her senior year as a double major in Journalism and Art History. Luckily, she had her family to help navigate along the way, including her parents and her 26-year-old brother, John.

Margaret started her college career at Lake Forest College, a small liberal arts school outside of Chicago before transferring to the comparatively monstrous Manhattan campus of NYU. Now living in an apartment in the Little Italy area, she’s heading into adulthood and the freedom she desires—if not a little reluctantly.

Party of Four: We have a dog, Wrigley—after Wrigley field, not the gum—but it’s just the four of us humans, and we’re really close. We’re all just best friends.

Tale of Two Cities: I liked having the beach, but Miami’s not a very homey place to grow up. I had a great community through my schools and my temple, but otherwise it’s not your typical all-American experience. My parents just moved to Denver in January and I like it, though I’ve only been there twice for a few days at a time. It’s really different from anywhere else I’ve been, but it’s a nice place to go home to. I like being outdoors a lot, I go there and I don’t bring my laptop or check my phone…it’s a good escape.

Next Stop: If I get a good job when I graduate I’ll stay here, otherwise I’d like to move to Boston or Washington D.C. But I spent last semester in London and I’m so annoyingly in love with it that I would do anything to live there.

First Try: Lake Forest was kind of an impulse decision and it was never really right for me. It was in a small suburb and the school was smaller than my high school. I had grown up in a city and after interned at a museum in Miami, just going to school and being in a sorority wasn’t enough for me anymore.

A Change of Pace: NYU is great for my resume and my academics, but it’s definitely a harder life. I came here to be an adult, and now I don’t want to be an adult.

Evolving Interests: When I came to NYU I wanted to be a museum curator, at that time I wasn’t double majoring in journalism. But it was something I had done in high school so I went back to it after coming here. I could just go art history or I could combine them and become an art critic. But I also like lifestyle journalism. Now, my internship is in fashion public relations at George PR and I’m really enjoying it. So basically, I have no idea.

Generation What?: My parents give me no pressure, they just want me to be happy. They’re more, “Oh you’re fine. You’ll get a job; you’re employable. We’re supporting you.”

Rare Relaxation: I don’t have time for fun! But I do like to go have cocktails with my friends, go shopping, and I follow a lot of blogs that I like to read. I find going to museums alone to be very relaxing and calming. Working out is a major stress relief for me.

Short-Term Hopes: Hopefully I’ll get a job doing something that I enjoy, that’s what I look forward to. I’d love to be able to dedicate my time to something I really enjoy. And I’m looking forward to having weekends and nights that I don’t have to do homework. I’m just looking forward to freedom, and thinking about what I want.


Written by Samantha Rullo