The first thing one sees when looking at Nitasha Maindiratta, 19, is her infectious and glowing smile. Fitting, as her friends would describe her right away as “giggly”. Originally from upstate New York, Nitasha considers New York City her home as her parents just put her childhood Long Island home on the market. Family is very important to this everyday Superwoman and love and music rules everything. All this just adds to the romantic and musical movie in her mind.

Music and journalism: I’m currently double majoring in journalism and music at NYU. I’m focusing more on general music, theory and history. When I was younger I had this dream of going to Juilliard and was convinced I was going to be a famous singer by the time I was 13. But, for now, I’m considering possibly writing for a famous music magazine.

Music and action: I’m into Bollywood. My favorite movie is “Mohabbatein” which means ‘love stories’. I am the biggest romantic. I love all of these cliché romantic stories, which is what Bollywood is all about. Music is huge in Bollywood films, and the guy in the movie is a violin player and I’m a violin player. It has the music in it which I liked and the romance, all of that…I mean I absolutely love it. I’ve probably watched it 20 times.

Musical Superwoman: I’m gonna be extra cliché and say my mom is my inspiration. She’s been through so many struggles in her life, but she still made it to be one of the world’s leading physicians. People say she’s like Superwoman, I mean, this is everyone. All her patients will give her little angels and say, ‘You’re my angel.’ I strive to be like her and I think it’s starting to happen.

Music and her own Superwoman: I’m proud of how much responsibility I have. One of the things that I have to go through is that my brother is sick and has been for the past two years, so sometimes I act as a second mom to him. I have to take him out all the time and I have to take care of him…and because of that it’s only my mom and me that are able to do a lot of that stuff. So through moving and everything I had to act like a second parent in finding a house and I took that responsibility so well. I’m proud of that.

Just music: I’m also proud of the fact that I played in Carnegie Hall twice. When I was 16 and 17; I played in an orchestra. Long Island Youth Orchestra, so the best players in Long Island got together to play. I wrote my college essay on that too!

Music and giggles: My friends would describe me as superwoman…I’m always like ‘I’m not Superwoman,’ but they always call me that. Also…sweet. My sorority sister name in Delta Kappa Delta is ‘Dolce’, which means sweet. They gave me that because they were like, ‘You’re like the sweetest person ever!’ And giggly, because I’m always laughing no matter what. My friend even gave me the nickname ‘Little Miss Giggles’ because I’m always smiling.

Music in memories: [My earliest memory is] my mom feeding my brother, who’s three years younger than me, and I’m just sitting there looking at a bowl of cereal. I don’t know why I remember it, but I just do.

Music and love: My favorite quote is from the movie, ‘Mohabbatein’ and I love it because it compares love and music together. ‘Love, the greatest inspiration for music. Love and music are very closely connected to each other. Both originate from the heart and the destinies of both depend on whether the heart expresses it or not. If you love somebody, just go and tell her. Don’t worry about whether she accepts or refuses. Similarly, if you feel like playing the instrument in front of you, just pick it up and play it; don’t worry about being good or bad. Just listen to your heart and do what it says.’


Written byRachel Park