Phoebe Rowe, 21, left the small town life to pursue her big city dream in sports media at New York University. Her transition from Wilmington, Del. to New York City included a lot more noise and a lot more responsibility. Now in her last year of obtaining her B.A. in journalism and history, this self-proclaimed cat lady is starting to figure out just what adulthood has in store.


Daughter of Delaware: Wilmington is half an hour away from Philadelphia, like 45 minutes away from the beaches in Delaware. There is a really high crime rate. There is like the most sex offenders per capita in the entire United States. It was in parenting magazine the other week and everybody freaked out. But yeah, I like it. It is very small townie, like everyone knows everyone.

Not So New York City: I actually used to hate New York City. I had never been here until I was in sixth grade, which was like right after 9/11 I guess. The only cities I had really been to were Baltimore and Wilmington. I was like, ‘They’re dirty. They’re gross and they’re loud.’ And for some reason, I came back and I visited. I was actually with a German exchange student that I was hosting at the time, and she freaked out about everything. I feel like I kind of saw New York through her eyes at that point. And I was like, ‘You know, it’s really not that bad.’ It’s kind of amazing that we have this. I felt like I could learn a lot here. So I decided to come on up.

NYU Home: I really liked the journalism program. I knew I didn’t actually want to be a journalist. I watched “The Newsroom” and that made me break out in hives. I could never. But I knew I wanted to do something where those writing skills would be applicable. So I applied to the University of Delaware, where I actually got in, and I could have gone for free. I just knew everyone there and I was like no thank you. So clearly I chose the 56,000-dollar-a-year school because I’m really smart like that.

Mama’s Girl: My dad left when I was 17, so I’m like really close to my mom. That’s why I didn’t actually want to come to NYU at first because my brother and I are both in college and she’s paying for it by herself and I didn’t know if I could live with that. She really wanted me to go, so I’ll pay her back eventually.

Just seeing how she reacts to certain things and how she’s always putting my brother and me ahead of her, I feel like I’m way too self-centered to be able to do that. I don’t take people into consideration. But she just balances dealing with all the financial crap with her personal life, and she just has so many friends.

She can literally do everything, and I just hope that I can do a tenth of that.

Reality Check: I think my greatest achievement, since my dad left right before college, was keeping my priorities straight. I was proud I was able to deal with that.

Burned Out: I really think I could be more motivated. Maybe part of it is living in New York and just getting so tired all the time running around trying to do everything. And then there’s this double major. It’s like I just have homework to do all the time.

Maybe some people would say we have our lives together as much as we should, but I just feel like I don’t.

Goal!: Well, if I did journalism, I would love to do sports journalism. But I would love to do marketing or PR for a sports team or affiliation. I’m really into soccer. And I just applied yesterday for this internship with my favorite soccer team, so I’m like freaking out. I’m checking my email every five seconds. That’s like my dream internship.


Written by Natalie Adeeyo