Sabrina Treitz

Sabrina Treitz, 20, is calm at ease perched in a coveted window seat at caffeine-craver’s hotspot La Colombe. Staking out space, she’s laid an array of items on the low-standing table before her: a legal pad, an uncapped pen, and her iPhone. Positioned on the table’s edge, a hot coffee sits steaming in a white paper to-go cup, ready for savoring.

A junior in New York University, Sabrina isn’t your average coffee fiend. To be fair, the extra caffeine kick comes in handy juggling her busy life. By day, she pursues dual degrees in Journalism and Economics, balancing academia with freelance writing for USA Today. On weekends, Sabrina miraculously manages sorority and social lives, powering through sleep deprivation with her trusty cup of Joe. A soon-to-be career woman racing on the fast track, Sabrina’s proving she can live the dreams of a small-town Pennsylvania sixth-grader—no matter the obstacles she encounters.


I was in The Strand browsing around and noticed this kid staring at me, He’d follow every time I changed locations. Finally, I looked up, and we made eye contact. He asked, “Are you (Mean Girls, Les Miserables actress) Amanda Seyfried?” I get it all the time. What’s worse, we have so many freaky things in common. I want an Australian Shepherd—that’s the kind of dog she has. We’re actually from the same small Pennsylvania town. Now, we live two blocks apart. I’m not following her! I just need to meet her and talk this out.


When I was younger, I decided between being a doctor, a journalist, and a lawyer; journalists seemed coolest. And I wanted to be Rory Gilmore, the daughter from “Gilmore Girls.”  I own all the seasons [on DVD], and my friends come over and we get Chinese takeout and watch. I wanted to be just like her. Instead of Yale, though, I wanted to go to NYU—in the sixth grade. I decided that on my first trip to the city, walking down 5th Avenue with my dad. I saw the flags outside of [NYU residence hall] Rubin, and I turned to my dad and said, “I’m gonna go here.” I never thought about another school.

I remember the day I got accepted to NYU really well. I remember it because I got into a car crash. My life is Murphy’s Law. The day before, I got my acceptance letter and was excited to go to school the next day and tell all my friends. Of course, I was late on my way to school, so I was driving in my Jeep, speeding a little bit. I’m an awful driver and need to go slow, even in a rush. I remember thinking, “La, la, la, I’m going to NYU,” and this car pulled out and almost T-boned me. I swerved off a rocky shoulder on the side of the road and tore up the front of my fender.


My German teacher in high school held a sort of intervention for me. Obviously, I’m obsessed with coffee and that started young. I would drink it in middle school to be cool, and it wasn’t until sophomore year—I was taking AP US History—that I started drinking a pot of coffee a day. Then one day, my German teacher asked me to stay after class. She said, “Sabrina, I know you really like coffee, but it’s a gateway drug. It can lead to more serious addictions. If you ever need to talk, I’m here for you.” Personally, I think I’m fine. It’s manageable. I don’t have withdrawal symptoms or anything, but I get sad if I don’t have a cup. Sort of an “I miss you.”


Written by Matthew Meyer