Samantha Rullo, 20, speaks rapidly with more than a little hint of a North Jersey accent. So quickly, it’s almost as if her mouth has trouble keeping up with her brain. It’s a feature she regularly apologizes for, the slightest crack of shyness and hesitation to be the center of attention in her confident shell.

A junior in New York University’s College of Arts and Sciences, Sam is a self-described driven workaholic. She can often be found at the Washington Square News , where she is the entertainment editor, or at her internship with Television Without Pity. It may have taken her a year on the other side of the country, but the journalism and cinema studies double major figured out exactly what and where she wants to be in life and she’s not afraid to tell you.

Trying the West Coast: Freshman year, I majored in PR in the journalism school at the University of Southern California. I had never even been to California until I went to visit after I got in. I think I was kind of like, ‘Oh my God, it’s like vacation! There are palm trees and the beach!’ I just wanted something different, and I didn’t think I wanted to be a non-campus atmosphere. I wanted to be near a big city, but not feel like I’m in the city. I liked it at the time, and it was fun for a year.

Back East: I decided I wanted to come back because I didn’t like being that far from my whole family – it’s all New Jersey or New York. I couldn’t come home often, so it was like, there goes my family. That was hard. The only places I applied were NYU and Boston University. Now I knew I wanted to really be in the city, to be really exposed to the city the whole time. I really liked NYU because I had heard good things about the journalism school and I liked the idea of living in the city. I stayed with a friend who went to school in the city and I just really liked city college life. And I like the Yankees, so my dad would have killed me if I went to Boston.

Having it all: I want to do entertainment journalism, so I want to do like T.V. and film industry. My dream job would probably be some kind of editor at Entertainment Weekly, or maybe the entertainment section of a big magazine like Vanity Fair. Maybe something for the T.V. Section because I’m really into writing and television.

I also want to be married and have my first child by the time I’m 30. When I’m 28, I want to be married, have a kid at 29, and get my family and my career set up at the same time. I want both to evolve as I get older. I feel like that’s kind of young for our generation; people think I’m crazy when I say I want a kid by 30. But in my brain, I’m also having my dream career by then, so that’s the dream situation.

New York, New York: My favorite thing about New York is that you can get anything you want, anytime of the day. When I go home, I feel like everything just shuts down at 10 and it’s boring. But, sometimes I feel unsafe. I live near some streets that are deserted where does she live and I get so nervous walking back to my apartment [in the West Village] that I run a little. It’s a really nice neighborhood, but there’s like two blocks leading up to mine that are just all abandoned. And even on the subway at night – I’m very alert in New York and I don’t like having to be. I get nervous easily.

Written by Carrie Courogen